DASH will be big in the next three or four months due to its partnerships in the legal marijuana market with dispensaries (legal weed industry all set to continue its bullish rise as 26-27 states across the country now permit some or other kind of permission to sale and consume. Est. Market cap of marijuana industry by 2020: 10 billion from today’s 5-6 billion.

4. Another tip: I run a hedge fund and we also run mining pools and have bitcoin atm services which we manufacture and distribute through our chain. We are coming out with 3 ICO’s the very near future.

Tip: backed by solid industry insiders and tech geniuses

Three dapps coming out (we are partnering in equity share) that need the block chain for privacy, anonymity and to avoid cumbersome regulations that change in every state AND to take the following three phenomena’s global:


the goal is to execute and launch the three business by July 2019 that let say for eg:

In poker: people start playing and making and losing money on it

In marijuana: only in the states that permit recreational use: provide high end upscale infused food catering services, from gummies to caviar — everything. Then tie up with Air Bnb in that specific state and Uber eats and launch delivery services. Third provide delivery services through websites including 30 min drone delivery options as well.

In sugar baby club: jus a dating site but with anonymity, privacy and to get rid of regulatory hurdles and red tape

The goal is to refine the playboy lifestyleculture through the sugar baby concept and facilitate ONLY DATES. No solicitation of sex

So all three initiatives are legal but face tremendous hurdles from the centralized goliaths. Therefore perfect and apt for BLOCKCHAIN.

The secretsauce that we believe will make the three projects successful is because they will all be live and usable before q4, 2019

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